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Motorsports Ministries is an organization conceived, developed, and operated to provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of the people involved in professional and amateur automobile racing. The ministry strives to bring balance and perspective, providing ministry and encouragement to the whole person. The ministry endeavors to influence the unchurched as well as those with a Christian commitment. Recognizing that life, like racing, is composed of multi dimensional experiences; Motorsports Ministries attempts to encourage individuals to understand the essence of life from a Christian viewpoint.


Remembering Connie.....

Many of you have had the privilege of knowing my dad (Conrad - "Connie"). He was 85 years old when he passed last Thurs (3/9/17). He had been in the hospital for a relatively minor surgery for stints in some of his smaller arteries. They ended up not being able to do the procedure once they realized some of these small arteries were completely closed. They had planned to give him medication to help free them up instead & released him from the hospital.

That nite he went out to dinner with my mom & a favorite niece. They laughed & he was his normal self. That night when they came back to the hotel (they had decided to stay close to the hospital just in case), he went to bed & then woke up saying he was cold. My mom (Inez) covered him up & he let out a breath & he was gone.

We are all very saddened by his passing & will continue to have ups & downs as memories of his life with us flood our souls. He lived well, he lived long, & I believe it was God's grace for him to pass like he did. His body had been giving him some difficulties for quite a while, but mostly just nagging pains & limitations that kept him from doing so many of those things he really loved. Riding his Harley, body surfing, going to the race track, to name a few. My dad was my biggest fan, best friend, & largest supporter of everything I've ever done. His actions always spoke loud & clear. Lately, as it's been harder for him to get to the track, he would consistently call & say "watcha doing?" I knew that meant what track are you going to?, Or did you get a ride? He loved watching me race & one of my biggest reasons for success was that I always knew I had a Dad that thought I was the best, & that helped me believe it. Even though he's gone physically, I think that part of him will always inspire me. So thanks Pop! 

Most everyone that met my dad loved him. There is never a race weekend that goes by where people don't ask me where he is, or how he's doing. He was loved by our community & he definitely loved many here as well. Many of you have been dear friends to him, & extremely kind to him over the years. Thank you for helping to make his life full. We will have a memorial service for him & all are invited. 
April 22, 2017 at 11am
Central Assembly of God
Vero Beach FL
Thank you, Terry Borcheller 




Auction time is coming soon....

Motorsports Ministries will be conducting its 27th Annual Silent Auction during the 12 hours of Sebring event.  The dates will be March 16-17, 2017.  The past auctions have been a great success and a lot of fun.  We are once again we are asking for and collecting items for this year’s auction.

Items desired include team uniform clothing (shirts, jackets, hats, etc.), driver suits and helmets, racing memorabilia, pins, patches, artwork and photography (signed if possible), racing parts of interest, products or services of your company, and any other items that may be of interest to racing fans. This is a great way to clean out and reduce old inventory.

Items may be sent to the address listed below.

               Motorsports Ministries Auction
               c/o Jerry Howard
               4611 Pine Tree Dr.
               Del Ray Beach, FL   33445

Please do not send items to Sebring Raceway as in the past these items have been misplaced or lost.

All donations will receive a receipt for tax deduction purposes.  Please enclose a list of items sent to aid us in preparing your receipt.  Or you may e-mail the list directly to us at Terry Borcheller will be at the track on Wednesday to pick up any items you bring to Sebring. Thank you!


Update from MM President, Terry Borcheller 

From all of us at Motorsports Ministries, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have been so grateful to be President of Motorsports Ministries this past year.  We finished the 2016 IMSA season strong and I am able to attend each winter testing in Daytona to see the new cars, manufacturers, and programs for the upcoming season. As I ventured into the future at the testing, it prompted some reflection into the past. 2016 was a great year for us!
Throughout the season we had two chaplains at most events.  Special thanks to Steve Kearney, Steve Geitgey, & Dale Sankey for making this possible. The Anderson family still plays a key role in this ministry with Jen Chiesa running the office, Mat & Katie cover the Long Beach event and Beth covers the ministry in prayer! 
It has been a joy to minister in the various ways we do at the track.  Throughout a race weekend we are able to reach the IMSA safety teams, corner workers, conduct Chapel services, invocations, driver meetings, & our normal race community involvement.  It has truly been a year of growth for us.
In this time of reflection, I can't help but wonder what Richard would think about what we're doing, and I think he'd be smiling. Most of all, I think Jesus is pleased. Pleased that His message of hope, faith, & love is being shared in a place that desperately needs it. I had many conversations throughout the year with people that are lost, broken, hurting, scared, angry and frustrated.  Though their problems couldn’t be easily fixed, many were encouraged by the hope, faith, and love of God through those serving in Motorsports Ministries. Way to go TEAM!
Speaking of team, I want to say thank you to all those involved in the Petit Petit Go Kart fundraiser. WOW! It was our best ever. The Spencer family, their volunteers, Reece, Ramsey Potts as our sponsor, all of the teams, and Jen, a sincere THANK YOU!! We were able to bring out boys from 3 Dimensional Life (ministry founded by Teen Challenge graduate outside of Gainesville, GA) to be a part of the race. These boys that typically are hardened and rebellious were as pliable as a piece of clay. We had a common bond, we were racers! I had several great opportunities to share my story with them, and most importantly I had the opportunity to share the gospel. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 
As we go through the holiday seasons, please remember to pray for us as we plan for 2017. Also, please remember us in your financial giving. Even though we are in the off season, there are still expenses, tests, updates, reservations, and many other things to be done. 
Thank you for considering giving financially to Motorsports Ministries on a monthly basis, sponsoring a chaplain, or offering a service. This really helps with our plans for the upcoming year. We can't do what we do without you!  
God Bless,
Terry Borcheller