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Remembering Connie.....

Many of you have had the privilege of knowing my dad (Conrad - "Connie"). He was 85 years old when he passed last Thurs (3/9/17). He had been in the hospital for a relatively minor surgery for stints in some of his smaller arteries. They ended up not being able to do the procedure once they realized some of these small arteries were completely closed. They had planned to give him medication to help free them up instead & released him from the hospital.

That nite he went out to dinner with my mom & a favorite niece. They laughed & he was his normal self. That night when they came back to the hotel (they had decided to stay close to the hospital just in case), he went to bed & then woke up saying he was cold. My mom (Inez) covered him up & he let out a breath & he was gone.

We are all very saddened by his passing & will continue to have ups & downs as memories of his life with us flood our souls. He lived well, he lived long, & I believe it was God's grace for him to pass like he did. His body had been giving him some difficulties for quite a while, but mostly just nagging pains & limitations that kept him from doing so many of those things he really loved. Riding his Harley, body surfing, going to the race track, to name a few. My dad was my biggest fan, best friend, & largest supporter of everything I've ever done. His actions always spoke loud & clear. Lately, as it's been harder for him to get to the track, he would consistently call & say "watcha doing?" I knew that meant what track are you going to?, Or did you get a ride? He loved watching me race & one of my biggest reasons for success was that I always knew I had a Dad that thought I was the best, & that helped me believe it. Even though he's gone physically, I think that part of him will always inspire me. So thanks Pop! 

Most everyone that met my dad loved him. There is never a race weekend that goes by where people don't ask me where he is, or how he's doing. He was loved by our community & he definitely loved many here as well. Many of you have been dear friends to him, & extremely kind to him over the years. Thank you for helping to make his life full. We will have a memorial service for him & all are invited. 
April 22, 2017 at 11am
Central Assembly of God
Vero Beach FL
Thank you, Terry Borcheller