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Motorsports Ministries is an organization conceived, developed, and operated to provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of the people involved in professional and amateur automobile racing. The ministry strives to bring balance and perspective, providing ministry and encouragement to the whole person. The ministry endeavors to influence the unchurched as well as those with a Christian commitment. Recognizing that life, like racing, is composed of multi dimensional experiences; Motorsports Ministries attempts to encourage individuals to understand the essence of life from a Christian viewpoint.



Nelson Ledges Chaplain’s Notes - April 2010

If you are lucky, you have someone like Fred in your life.  I am not sure when I met him. My wife Joy taught his four children at Gilmour Academy and gave an extra assist to help one of Fred’s sons get into the college of his choice where he was very successful. Fred was grateful and has shown it through the years.

While many of you are car people who enjoy working on your cars, I am not. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time getting a race car prepared. For me, the joy is in the driving, not being a mechanic. I found out that Fred had an auto repair shop and that he took good care of the teachers at Gilmour. So I started to have Fred do most of the work on our family cars. Good care it has been. While Fred has always treated all our family including my sons more than fairly, with my unemployment and under employment of the last two years, Fred has gone above and beyond with many repairs at cost.

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Sebring 2010 Update

This year’s 58th Annual 12 hours of Sebring was a full week for Motorsports Ministries. I have attended 26 of the 58 events since starting the ministry in 1985!  Scary….

Our week started off bringing Terry Borcheller to Sebring High School for his 13 consecutive year! The teens look forward to Terry being apart of their “race week” and having him come to encourage them.  While he can’t preach too much to the student body he was able to invite them to the Wednesday night service at Grace Bible Church. That night, Terry was able to minister to the dynamic youth group at Grace Bible. It was a special time that Terry looks forward to each year.

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Sebring Photo Gallery Now Online