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Welcome to Motorsports Ministries

Motorsports Ministries is an organization conceived, developed, and operated to provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of the people involved in professional and amateur automobile racing. The ministry strives to bring balance and perspective, providing ministry and encouragement to the whole person. The ministry endeavors to influence the unchurched as well as those with a Christian commitment. Recognizing that life, like racing, is composed of multi dimensional experiences; Motorsports Ministries attempts to encourage individuals to understand the essence of life from a Christian viewpoint.


Nelson Ledges Chaplain’s Notes

It is better to give than to receive. From the time we were children, (a long, long time ago for me) we have had this lesson taught to us again and again. And, it is a good thing.  SCCA racing could not exist without the many volunteers who give more than they receive. Most of us owe someone who helped us in the past, a parent, a mentor, a coach, a teacher, or a pastor, who poured into our lives. Many times we can’t pay them back. Ohio State’s great former football coach Woody Hayes always said you can’t pay back but you can pay forward by helping others. Many don’t know of the hours he spent quietly helping the less fortunate.

But sometimes as you get older and you are in a position to be the giver most all of the time, you can become prideful of that fact. You feel that others need you more than you need them. Receiving becomes difficult because it wounds your pride to need others. When you finally receive it is can be very humbling.

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Summer in Ohio

This summer I had the opportunity to take my Nissan SCCA Race car to Circleville , Ohio for a week-end of Ministry. Saturday was a sunny warm day with over 100 cars in attendance for the church's car show. I set up near the registration area and handed out photos of my race car, racing tracts for Christ and Motorsports Ministries. I gave the children, and some older kids at heart, a chance to sit in the car and have their photo taken.

On Sunday, using Ephesians 6:1-3, I spoke to the children about obeying their parents. The definition of the flags, along with other rules of racing, also helped define how obedience is crucial on the track, in the home and to God.

Mark Crellin


So what is the noise you are hearing this day? 

It’s morning, quiet, and if I listen closely I can hear the birds chirping outside. It is a non-race weekend for me.

Over in Virginia Steve Geitgey is working with The Koni Challenge and MX-5 Cup Series. I bet it is not quiet there.

Though we are tired once returning from each track weekend, the chaplains from Motorsports Ministries miss not being at the track. It can be an intoxicating pull which is hard to escape. Matter of fact, my day will be filled with background broadcasts of some race while I work on my daughter’s restoration project. Just can’t seem to get away from the track noise.

Funny though (well really not funny) how we can get away from God’s Word and NOT miss it. I need to be in His Word daily or my life seems to slip into a selfish mood. It is about me isn’t it? The constant noise of His Word in my life is vital. Why? Because His Word grounds me, provides for me and clarifies what is most important in this life… Living for Him!

So what is the noise you are hearing this day?