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Motorsports Ministries is an organization conceived, developed, and operated to provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of the people involved in professional and amateur automobile racing. The ministry strives to bring balance and perspective, providing ministry and encouragement to the whole person. The ministry endeavors to influence the unchurched as well as those with a Christian commitment. Recognizing that life, like racing, is composed of multi dimensional experiences; Motorsports Ministries attempts to encourage individuals to understand the essence of life from a Christian viewpoint.


So what is the noise you are hearing this day? 

It’s morning, quiet, and if I listen closely I can hear the birds chirping outside. It is a non-race weekend for me.

Over in Virginia Steve Geitgey is working with The Koni Challenge and MX-5 Cup Series. I bet it is not quiet there.

Though we are tired once returning from each track weekend, the chaplains from Motorsports Ministries miss not being at the track. It can be an intoxicating pull which is hard to escape. Matter of fact, my day will be filled with background broadcasts of some race while I work on my daughter’s restoration project. Just can’t seem to get away from the track noise.

Funny though (well really not funny) how we can get away from God’s Word and NOT miss it. I need to be in His Word daily or my life seems to slip into a selfish mood. It is about me isn’t it? The constant noise of His Word in my life is vital. Why? Because His Word grounds me, provides for me and clarifies what is most important in this life… Living for Him!

So what is the noise you are hearing this day?



photo by John Thawley Yes, it is right around the corner, Sept. 28th, 2010… OK, maybe a bit too far off to promote the 9th Annual Petite Petite Go-Kart Challenge… but we do want to thank all of you who participated in this years successful event.

We had 19 teams competing in the 3 hour enduro and, crazy how this happened, it ended in a tie for first and third! The Robertson, Gorsline, Anderson and Murry teams along with many others put in some tremendous bribes; ah, we mean drives, to earn their well deserved finishes.

Thank you all as these proceeds help us get to the track to serve the racing communities throughout the year.

Now write that date down for 2010!



Nelson Ledges  - Chaplain’s Notes
Well, they did it. Team Psychosis, led by the inimitable Pirate, Kevin Stolicny, convinced me that I really (yes, really) wanted to drive the Hankook Tire, Speedy Pete’s Garage and Motorcycle Museum, Like New Cleaning, Truck Lite, Superior Tank, Carbotech Brake, Go USA Bid, Motorsports Ministries and all our other good sponsors Dodge Omni GLH in the Lamest Day, the 24 Hours of LeMons at Nelson Ledges. It will be my first time driving a race car in anger since the early 1990’s. After Tuesday’s test day, we will find out how much really is. The Pirate and I will split one share in the driving and will also work in the announcer’s booth. With chapel and a wedding on Saturday morning before the race, it should be quite a day.

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